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Our School

Our School

All children deserve an excellent education. I am very proud to lead an academy full of wonderful staff who go ‘above and beyond’ to ensure that our students are actively engaged in school, happy and making progress.

At the heart of our work is a pursuit of excellence as we believe this is the best way to do well by our children. This encompasses both academic excellence and the cultivation of character. We want to give our students deep subject knowledge, but we also want to help them to become life- long learners who can thrive in the 21st century.

We know that every child needs great teaching in order to thrive. Our students find learning exciting. We plan activities that make them think and that create ‘awe and wonder’ in the classroom. We create opportunities for them to learn together, in pairs and in groups, and to discuss what they are learning because that is what they enjoy. Overall, we aim to ensure that they receive a balanced diet of independent and collaborative learning activities, which are carefully crafted to maximise participation and progress.

Children also need opportunities to thrive beyond the classroom. Therefore, we offer a huge variety of workshops and trips, including ‘outward bound’ adventures, to excite and enthuse our students.

We also aim to build competition into school life as we like our students to experience the joy of ‘winning’. However, we recognise that real learning also comes from failure and so we define excellence as the ability to bounce back!

In this section of the website, you can find out much more about what it means to be a ‘thinking school’ and also find information about how we care for your child.

If you have any feedback for us about the quality of education your child is receiving, please complete the Parentview survey. If you wish to become more involved in the development of the school, there are opportunities to join the Academy Advisory Board. Please contact the Principal’s PA to book an informal chat with the Principal about this opportunity.

Rachel Grey BA(Hons)

Rachel Grey, Principal
David Lycett, Community – Chair Person
Paul Bido, Parent
Sarah Blackmore, Staff
Josh Breach, Community
Matt Foster, Community
Steph Lowry, Staff
Louise Phipp, Parent
Emma Oakley, Parent
George Stevens, Staff
Sue Wood, Clerk

Contact Governors

If you would like to join our governing body, or contact us about any concerns or issues, please contact the Clerk to the Governing Body via the school:

Clerk to the Governing Body
St Mary’s Road

We have been awarded £5.3m by Portsmouth City Council to expand our school in order to provide more places for students as we are now heavily oversubscribed. Building Work is planned to start in Easter 2019 and to be completed by August 2020 ready for September. You can see the plans here..
The next step is to gain planning permission. We will keep the website updated with news of developments on the building plans.

The catch-up premium provides an additional £500 of funding for pupils in Year 7 who have not achieved Level 4 in English or Maths at Key Stage 2. The report below aims to explain how this funding is used at The Portsmouth Academy  and the impact of the strategies used.

Literacy & numeracy

Welcome to our community pages.   We are proud to be at the heart of Portsmouth.

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Effectiveness of leadership and management Outstanding
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Good
Personal development, behaviour and welfare Good
Outcomes for pupils Good

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“The school’s culture is now very aspirational –
pupils develop the resilience needed to rise to the challenge.”

Ofsted, April 2017

“Teachers have high expectations
and are skilled at improving pupils’ knowledge and understanding.”

Ofsted, April 2017

“The school has a strong culture of safeguarding.”

Ofsted, April 2017

“Teaching is effective and meets students needs well.”

Ofsted, April 2017

“Pupils’ conduct, in lessons and around the school,
at break and lunchtimes, is excellent.”

Ofsted, April 2017

“The teaching of English and literacy across the school is very effective.
Pupils enjoy reading for pleasure and write fluently.”

Ofsted, April 2017

“Progress is now significantly above national averages
in a range of subjects, including both English and mathematics.”

Ofsted, April 2017

“Pupils respect the rights of others and celebrate differences.”

Ofsted, April 2017

“Pupils are happy at school and proud to be members of its community.
They respect the well-kept splendid environment for learning
and are rarely late for lessons.”

Ofsted, April 2017


Please see below electronic versions of the school policies. Printed copies are available upon request.

Please see our full list of information we can provide and any cost that will be incurred.

Trust level policies

Academy level policies

We are very proud of our school, which offers a wonderful education; full of opportunities for young people to ‘Aspire and Achieve.’

We are unique in Portsmouth at specialising in teaching ‘thinking tools’, which help our students to develop their full potential. There are 10,0000 thinking schools worldwide who share a common aim; that both students and staff will think reflectively, critically and creatively in order to create an outstanding educational experience for every child. See for more information on thinking schools worldwide.

Our experience, and national and international research, tells us that young people in thinking schools:

• Achieve a higher self-esteem and greater confidence
• Feel more positive and learn well together as a community
• Maintain their motivation and curiosity to learn
• Improve their academic performance
• Become independent learners who can ‘think for themselves’ and cope with an increasingly complex world

Ofsted have also reported on the links between being an outstanding school and a thinking school which you can read about here.

We all feel happiest when we are surrounded by people who believe in us and encourage us to pursue our goals. In our school, we value the relationships between staff and students which enable every child to ‘Aspire and Achieve’, and so experience the joy that comes with personal success.