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English Y7

English Y7

The English team at The Portsmouth Academy aspire to create a curriculum that ensures good progress for all and embodies the passion, beliefs and values appertaining to our subject.

For us, English is the key to successful learning in all subjects. A good command of the English language enables achievement in every aspect of learning, work and life. This belief is at the heart of our decision to underpin all of our schemes of learning with an overarching text. Our students will read at least three novels in each year of KS3, stretching across a range of themes, cultures and eras. Each class will enjoy a text that is pitched to both support and extend their abilities, yet all grouped thematically. In this way, we ensure that every student in the year group experiences a wealth of different genres during the academic year.

Our curriculum allows students to compare their core texts to poetry, non-fiction articles and comparative fiction. We encourage opportunities for independent and interdependent work, allowing students to engage with literature on a personal level. Being literate in reading, writing and communication is at the heart of our creative thinking; the technical aspect of literacy is the lynch-pin in all of our creative pursuits. Strong literacy skills and creativity widens our horizons and opens up a lifetime of opportunity.

Studying and reading literature for pleasure is like falling in love with words.