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Food & Nutrition Studies Y7

Food & Nutrition Studies Y7

Fertile Questions

Food Preparation and Nutrition

What qualities does a packed lunch product need?

• Why is personal hygiene and safety important in a kitchen?
• How does using a knife properly influence the quality of the product?
• How do established chefs/cooks influence the way we eat?
• What are the advantages of sensory analysis?
• What is the purpose of using heat with ingredients?
• How does the rubbing-in method help when baking scones?

What qualities does a packed lunch product need?

• How can we manipulate ingredients to create a quality product?
• What is the importance of a design brief and specification?
• What is meant by recipe development?
• How do we evaluate to ensure improvements can be made?
• What makes food products appealing to the target user?
• What adaptations will be made to ensure accuracy and precision in the final product?
• How can you use your peers to assess your work against a specification?