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Geography Y7

Geography Y7

The Geography department at The Portsmouth Academy aspires to stimulate a sense of wonder and interest in our complex and dynamically changing world.  Harnessing the Thinking Schools philosophy, geography inspires pupils to become global citizens by exploring their own personal geography and their responsibilities to other people, to the environment and to the sustainability of the planet.  By developing an understanding of the processes – both human and physical – that shape the world, our aim is to develop independent learners well equipped to tackle the global challenges that face the Earth of their future.

How do composite volcanoes form and erupt?

• What is the Earth like inside?
• What would a journey to the centre of the Earth be like?
• How do the continents move?
• What is a volcano?
• What types of volcano are there?
• Where are volcanoes found?
• What are the threats of volcanoes?
• Why do people still live near volcanoes?

How do we identify our location, and how does location affect our identity?

• What is on a world map?
• Who are our neighbours?
• How do we represent the UK?
• What do maps show?
• How are four-figure grid references used?
• How are six-figure grid references used?
• How can distance and scale be worked out?

Where are glaciers, and what challenges do they face?

• Where in the world is all the ice?
• What is the glacial budget?
• How do glaciers change?
• How do glaciers change the landscape?
• What is an avalanche?
• How does tourism affect glaciated areas?

How might tourism support African countries?

• How can we map Africa?
• What tourism is there in Africa?
• What is mass tourism?
• What is ecotourism?
• What is Nigeria like?
• What tourism would be best for Nigeria?

What are the significant issues in the world of food?

• How are food and geography connected?
• What are the problems facing farmers in LICs?
• How do we farm in HICs?
• Why in a world of plenty are people starving?
• How can we solve the problems of a hungry world?
• How can obesity and food waste both be rising?
• How does the banana chain operate?

How do humans impact the oceans?

• What are oceans?
• How does the ocean change with depth?
• How can I adapt a sea creature?
• How does plastic affect the oceans?