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History Y7

History Y7

Fertile Questions

What was life like in Medieval England?

• What was the Feudal System?
• How did Castles change?
• What was the difference between villages and Towns?
• What was life like for Women in the middle ages?
• How did people in the Middle ages stay healthy?
• How was crime dealt with in the Middle ages?
• How did you get to ‘heaven’ in the Middle Ages?
• What was the role of the parish priest?

What was the Elizabethan Age?

• What was the Reformation?
• What was the impact of the reformation?
• What were Queen Elizabeths early problems?
• What were the key events in the Elizabethan period?
• What can we learn fro Elizabeth’s portraits?
• Why did E lizabeth never marry?
• How did Elizabethans deal with poverty?
• How did Elizabethan s handle crime and punishment?
• How did people stay healthy in the Elizabethan age?
• What was life like for Women?
• Was the Elizabethan period a ‘Golden age’?

How was the UK made?

• Was Guy Fawkes really responsible for the Gunpowder plot?
• Why do Americans speak English?
• Who was King Charles the 1st?
• Why was there a Civil War in England?
• Who was ‘The man who banned Xmas’?
• Why was Charles II known as the ‘Merry Monarch’
• Why did the Plague return?
• What was the ‘Glorious Revolution’?

Expansion, Trade and Industry. How was Britain shaped?

• What was the Industrial Revolution?
• Why was there a population boom in Britain?
• How did transport change in Britain after 1750?
• What was factory life like?
• How did life change for women?
• How did Health care and medicine develop in the industrial revolution?
• Why did Britain want an Empire?
• What impact did Britain have on India?
• How did the British colonise Australia?
• What was the ‘Scramble for Africa’?
• Was the British Empire a good or a bad thing?
• How did Ghandi help win independence for India?
• How did the Empire come to an end?