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Maths Y7

Maths Y7


In Mathematics we aim to provide students with the skills and opportunities which will equip them to meet the challenges of the modern world. Mathematics is widely acknowledged to be an essential building block for the 21st Century and we rightly expect that all of our students will become masters of this crucial discipline.

The Mathematics department is a modern and well equipped facility. As a Mathematics Mastery partner school, we deliver an aspirational and interactive curriculum that gives all students the opportunity to achieve their potential through depth of understanding rather than breadth of topics. This is delivered through a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, and pupils are encouraged to use ‘manipulatives’ or visual representations to reinforce their understanding.

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Curriculum Overview

Solving word problems – Addition and Subtraction

Support Content / Skills
• Number Bonds
• Convert Units
• Money +/-
• Measurement
Core Content / Skills
• Place value (including decimals)
• Add and subtract (including decimals)
• Estimation
• Perimeter
• Word problems
Extension Content/Skills
• Different counting systems or bases
• Generalisation
• Upper and lower bounds

Explain and Investigate – Multiply and Divide

Support Contents/Skills
• Mental Strategies
• Multification Facts
• Multiplication strategies
• Solve number problems
Core Content/Skills
• Factors, HCF multiples, LCM
• Multiple and divide (including decimals)
• Area of rectange and triangle
• Calculate the mean
Extension Content/Skills
• Shikaku Puzzles
• Differnent counting systems or bases
• Alternative methods of multiplication
• Generalisation


Support Contents/Skills
• Lengths and units
• Parallel and perpendicular
• Work with angles
• Division and the mean
Core Content/Skills
• Draw, measure and name acute and octuse angles
• Find unknown angles (straight lines, at a point, vetically opposite)
• Properties of triangles and quadrilaterals
Extension Content/Skills
• Tessellating triangles and quadrilaterals
• Tanggram investigations
• Rigid Shapes


Support Contents/Skills
• Equal parts
• Factors and multiples
• Tenths and hundredths
• Word problems
• Fractional Areas
Core Content/Skills
• Equivalent fractions
• Compare and order fractions and decimals
• Change mised numbers to improper fractions and vice versa
• Fraction of a quanitity
• Multiply and divide fractions
Extension Content/Skills
• Terminating and recurring decimals
• Fractions of tangrams
• Shape block challenges

Applications of Algebra

Support Contents/Skills
• Areas of rectangles of triangles
• Number patterns
• Algebraic notation
• Triangle and quadrilateral properties
Core Content/Skills
• Order of operations
• Substitutions
• Simplfy algebraic expressions
• Solve word problems with expressions
• Sequences (term to term, not nth term)
Extension Content/Skills
• Four fours
• Patterns and generalisng
• Algebraic mean questions

Percentages and Statistics

Support Contents/Skills
• Decimals and problem solving
• Fractions of shapes
• Equivalence
• Order of operations
Core Content/Skills
• Construct and interpret statistical diagrams including pie charts
• Convert between percentages, vulgar fractions and decimals
• Percentage of a quantity
• Find the whole, given the part and the percentage
Extension Content/Skills
• Comparing and converting between representations
• Applications of percentages