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Music Y7

Music Y7

Fertile Questions

What goes into music to make it music rather than noise?

• What are the Elements of Music?
• What do they mean?
• What are Graphic Scores?
• How can they be used to write down music?
• How should I go about performing from one?
• What does rhythm notation look like?
• How long do they last?
• How can you combine them?
• What is the best process to use to compose a melody?

What habits of mind are important in learning an instrument?

• Where are the notes of a keyboard?
• What are they called?
• How will I remember them?
• How should I use my fingers on both hands most effectively to play the keyboard?
• What do I need to do to be able to practise effectively?
• Have I got the confidence to perform to an audience?
• How can I develop the confidence to do that?
• How do I listen to music effectively?
• What musical features can I identify?
• Can I justify which are my preferences?
• Can I persuade others to agree with my preferences?

Does imagination create music or does music create imagination?

• How many notes does the pentatonic scale have?
• What is the pattern?
• What is ostinato?
• How can I use them to create interesting music?
• What is the timbre of different instruments?
• How should I use the pentatonic scale and ostinato effectively in my composition?