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Fertile Questions

What are the benefits of exercise?

• Why is a warm up important?
• What makes an effective warm up?

What skills would enable you to be an effective football player?

• Can you identify the different types of passes used in a game of football?
• What does an effective team player look like?
• What does footwork mean?
• What does offside mean?
• How can we improve goal scoring technique?

What dance skills are used to create a dance?

• What do the terms canon and unison mean?
• What does choreographing mean?
• How does the music play an important role when creating a dance?
• What is mirroring and symmetry?
• What count do you use when creating a dance?

What skills are needed to be an effective basketball player?

• What are the teaching points for dribbling?
• How do you pass the ball?
• What does BEEF stand for?
• How many points are scored for a successful shot within the ‘D’?