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Science Y7

Science Y7

Science at the Portsmouth Academy is designed from the ground up to provide an engaging and powerful educational journey for all pupils, regardless of background or previous ability. Our curriculum has been careful constructed in order to achieve two important goals. Firstly, to prepare all pupils, from the day they enter the school, to achieve beyond their expectations in their GCSEs. Secondly, to equip our pupils with a broad range of critical and analytical skills which will not only further their achievement in science, but which will also prove invaluable in future lives and careers.

These goals are achieved through a challenging and engaging hands-on curriculum, which combines vital theoretical knowledge with exciting practical work, utilising a wide range of thinking tools to enable pupils to reach higher levels of understanding, and to take a greater ownership over their learning.

Fertile Questions

A meteor is about to hit the Earth – what can we do? Where can we go?

• Why do we need to explore other planets?
•What caused the dinosaurs to become extinct?
• How could we get to another planet?
• What things would we need to find out before we move to another planet?
• Where would we live and what would our home be like?
• How could we keep warm on another planet?

What is inside my body?

• What is inside my body?
• What does the skeleton do?
• What are organs?
• What is a cell?
• What is breathing?
• Why does my heart beat?
• Where does my food go?
• What changes as I get older?

What is a plant?

• How are plants different?
• What are the different parts of a plant for?
• How does a plant get its food?

What are things made from?

• What is the difference between a solid, liquid and a gas?
• What are things made from? – the periodic table
• What is a metal and a non-metal?
• Atom, element, compound or mixture?
• Where does the sugar go in my cup of tea?
• How can I make dirty water clean?
• How can I make acid rain suitable to drink?

What planet am I from and what is it made of?

• What is under your feet? Earths structure
• What are rocks?
• What is a fossil and where will I find them?
• Why does the landscape change?
• Volcanoes – why do people want to live near them?
• Why are earthquakes dangerous?

What energy do I use in my home?

• What different types of energy do you use in your home?
• What things do you use energy for?
• Burning gives off energy – how can you compare fuels?
• Where does the electricity in your home come from?
• What is the best way to make electricity?

Where is planet Earth and is it moving?

• How do forces change the movement of an object?
• How do we use forces to help us? E.g. a boat floating.
• How does a force change the speed?
• Where did the moon come from?
• Why do we have day and night?
• How does gravity keep us moving?
• What is in our solar system
• What else is out there?
• How can we explore space?