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Art Y8

Art Y8

Fertile Questions

What is Colour Theory?

• What is colour?
• What are the Primary colours?
• What are Secondary colours? Which colours would you use to create secondary colours?
• What are Tertiary colours? How do we mix them?
• Cool/Warm colours…What are they? How are they used by artists?
• What emotions or feelings are associated with these colours?
• How could you convey emotion through the use of colour?
• How have artists used colour within their work?
• How should your work be presented?
• What is an annotation?Why is an annotation important?
• What is an artist reference?
• What are the key elements to include on your pages?

What is Abstract Art?

• Where does the term Abstract mean?
• Where did the term come from?
• What are the origins?
• How have artists used shape and colour within their work to build abstract images?
• How does Calligraphy and Islamic Art link to Abstract Art?
• Why do some artists produce Abstract work?
• What is the definition of Conceptual Art?
• How could you describe the work of….

What is Line?

• What is Line? How can line be used to create tone and texture?
• Why would an artist want to use simple line?
• How can mark making be used within Line?
• Who are the main artists that are associated with this visual element?

What is Pattern?

• How could we define the term Pattern?
• How do different artists use pattern within their work?
• Why is pattern so important?
• What is symmetry?
• How is pattern used differently between cultures?