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Geography Y8

Geography Y8

Fertile Questions

Where are tropical rainforests and what are their characteristics?

• Why has Matilda stopped buying lip gloss and phone top-ups?
• Where is Brazil, and what are its main physical features?
• Where are the main ecosystems located in the world?
• How do we measure climate?
• What is the climate like in a tropical rainforest?
• What is the structure of the tropical rainforest?
• How do plants and animals adapt to life in the tropical rainforest?

How do humans interact with the rainforest?

• What is life like for the people that live in the rainforests of Brazil?
• Why are the rainforests so valuable?
• What is happening to the rainforests?
• How can we manage the rainforests in a sustainable way?

What and where is Asia?

• What and where is Asia?
• What are Asia’s physical features?
• What are Asia’s statistics?
• Why is it ‘Made in China’?
• What happened at Rana Plaza?
• Where is my iPhone from?
• Was China right to build the Three Gorges Dam?

What is China like and how is it changing?

• What is China like?
• How does China’s geography affect population?
• How has China managed its population?
• How effective was the One Child Policy?
• What is Southwest China Like?
• Should Zhang move to Chongquing City?

How do earthquakes occur and affect us?

• What are plate tectonics?
• What happens at plate boundaries?
• Where are volcanoes and earthquakes found?
• How do earthquakes happen?
• What happened in Haiti in 2010?
• How can we help the victims of earthquakes?
• How can we make buildings earthquake proof?

How can we investigate the local weather?

• What is weather?
• How do we measure the weather?
• How do conditions vary around the school site?
• How do we name clouds?