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History Y8

History Y8

Fertile Questions

Expansion, Trade and Industry – How was Britain shaped?

• How was Britain involved in the slave trade?
• How were slaves captured and transported?
• How did it feel to be auctioned as a slave?
• What was it like to work on a plantation?
• How was slavery abolished?

How did health and medicine develop over time?

• Pre-history healthcare
• Greek medicine
• Roman medicine
• Medieval medicine
• Renaissance developments
• Changes during the industrial revolution.
• Public health over time.

What was the impact of WW1 on Britain and the wider world?

• Why did the war break out?
• What was life like in the trenches?
• What did the war look like in other theatres?
• How did WW1 affect health and medicine?
• What was life like on the home front?
• Home front: Women
• How did the war end?
• Treaty of Versailles

How did life change during the Inter-War years?

• Were the 1920s really ‘Roaring’ in the USA?
• How did the General strike affect life in Britain?
• How did hyperinflation affect life in Germany?
• How did the great depression affect the world?
• Rise of the dictators.
• The road to WW2

What was the impact of WW2 on Britain and the wider world?

• Dunkirk
• Battle of Britain
• The Blitz
• Evacuation
• USA/Pearl Harbour
• Role of Empire
• Turning points in WW2
• How did the war end?

What was the impact of WW2 on Britain and the wider world?

• Who was involved in the Holocaust?
• How did the Nazis increase persecution of the Jews?
• What was life in a Ghetto like?
• What was the final solution?
• Who killed Abraham Bauman?
• How did Jews resist?