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Maths Y8

Maths Y8

Curriculum Overview


Support Content / Skills
• Factors, multiples and primes
• Multiplication and division
• Fraction equivalence and calculations
Core Content / Skills
• Primes and indices
• Prime factorisation to find LCM, HCF, squares, cubes
• Venn diagrams
• Enumerating sets
• Add and subtract fractions
Extension Content/Skills
• Egyptian fractions
• Continued fractions
• HCF and LCM generalisation

Algebraic Expressions

Support Contents/Skills
• Problem solving with fractions
• Order of operations
• Form algebraic expressions
• Substitution
Core Content/Skills
• Negative numbers and inequality statements
• Formulate and evaluate expressions
• Linear equations
• Expresssions and equations from real world situations
• Linear sequences: nth term
Extension Content/Skills
• Explore non-linear sequences
• T-totals

2D Geometry

Support Contents/Skills
• Angle types
• Angle facts
• Rectangle and triangle areas
• x / ÷ by powers of 10
• Problem solving with negative numbers
Core Content/Skills
• Draw accurate triangles and quadrilaterals (ruler, protractor, compasses)
• Find unknown angles (including parallel lines)
• Conversion between length units and between area units
• Areas and perimeters of composite figures
• Areas of parallelograms and trapeziums
Extension Content/Skills
• Similarity and ratio
• Complex constructions
• Simple angle proofs

Proportional Reasoning

Support Contents/Skills
• Rounding
• Bar modelling with factions
• Fraction x / ÷
• Bar modelling with equations
• FDP equivalence
Core Content/Skills
• Convert between percentages, vulgar fractions and decimals
• Percentage increase and decrease, finding the whole given the part and the percentage
• Ratio (equivalent, of a quantity)
• Speed, distance, time
Extension Content/Skills
• Density
• Area scale factors
• Loan Repayment

3D Geometry

Support Contents/Skills
• Rectilinear areas
• Fraction x / ÷
• Problem solving with fractions
• Percentage increase and decrease
• Substition with negatives
Core Content/Skills
• Rounding, significant figures and estimation
• Circumference and area of a circle
• Visualise and identify 3_D shapes and their nets
• Volume of a cuboid, prism, cylinder, composite solids
Extension Content/Skills
• Platonic solids
• Percentage errors
• Plans and elevations


Support Contents/Skills
• Statistical diagrams
• Ratio and rate
• The mean
• Calculator skills and rounding
Core Content/Skills
• Collect and organise data
• Interpret and compare statistical representations
• Mean, median and mode averages
• The range and outliers
Extension Content/Skills
• Misleading graphs
• Equal width histograms
• Sampling methods