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Music Y8

Music Y8

Fertile Questions

What habits of mind are important in learning an instrument?

Finding your way around a guitar
• What are the parts of the guitar named?
• What are the string names?

Tab notation
• How do I read it?
• What do the lines represent?
• What do the numbers mean?

Develop playing techniques
• How should I go about picking on the guitar?

Performance skills
• Have I got the confidence to perform to an audience?
• How can I develop my performance skills?

What makes the blues “The Blues”?

• Can I recognise features of blues music?

• What are they?
• How can I play them on keyboard and/or guitar (chord diagrams)?

12-bar blues chord sequence
• Can I play my part accurately and in time?
• How can I play it and make it sound ‘bluesy’?

Blues scale
• What are the notes?
• How can I play them on a keyboard and/or guitar?

• What is it?
• How do I do it?
• How can I use the blues scale to improvise in a blues style?

What is the process involved in composing a song from scratch?

• Can I recognise features of popular music?
• Can I describe what I can see and hear?

Use to create a backing track
• What instruments should be used and which riffs?
• How can we structure the song correctly?
• Can we sing accurately over the top?

Compose an original song
• How do we compose lyrics?
• How do we compose chord sequences?
• How do we create the tune to sing?
• What music technology can we make use of? (garageband)