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Fertile Questions

How can I improve my netball skills?

• What skills would enable you to be an effective netball defender?
• How do the requirements of each position vary?
• What skills are needed across a range of different positions?
• Can you explain two different types of defending?
• What is man to man defending?
• What is zone defending?
• Can you umpire a game and correctly identify footwork?

How can I become a better gymnast?

• What is meant by the term ‘aesthetically pleasing’?
• Why is this important within gymnastics?
• Why do we hold positions and balances for three seconds?
• What does this show?
• How does this influence our final mark?
• How does gymnastics judging work?
• Can you show body tension and extension through balances?
• Can we create aesthetically pleasing balances/performances?
• How do we start and end a routine?
• What is counter balance & Counter Tension?
• Why is it important to incorporate different levels through performance?

What is involved in creating a dance routine?

• How we can develop a dance?
• How we can link formations and structure a dance?
• What does choreographing mean? Why is this important?
• How does the music and lyrics play an important role when creating a dance?
• What count do you use when creating a dance?
• How can we use this to develop a dance?

How can I improve my badminton?

• How do the rules of badminton differ from singles to doubles?
• Why is it important to have a variety of serves and shots?
• How can we create attacking space on court?
• What are the different types of shots used in badminton?
• What shot provides you with the first instance to attack?
• What is an attacking shot? Why is this?
• What is the difference between an attacking shot and a defensive shot?
• How can we create space on court to attack?