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Fertile Questions

What do we mean by an ultimate question?

• What is an ultimate question?
• What purpose does a myth serve?
• How do believers express their beliefs about creation?
• What is the concept of stewardship?
• Why is Chico Mendes important?
• What makes us “wonder and worry” about the world?
• How can we interpret the Glass Cupboard story for the modern world?

What do people believe about God?

• What is the nature of God?
• What makes it hard to believe in God?How can you be a scientist and religious?
• Does suffering make it impossible to believe in God?
• How can we explain suffering?
• What does Christianity teach about suffering?
• What is the Big story in the Bible?
• What are your own views on God

How do Jews have a sense of identity?

• Who are the Jews?
• What is the covenant?
• What are mitzvot?
• How do Jews worship
• What do Jews mean by Kosher?
• What is Shabbat?
• Why is the Passover significant?
• What identifies a Jew?

Who is Anne Frank and why is she important?

• How do we know about Anne Frank?
• What happened to Anne Frank?
• What can we learn from the story of Anne Frank?
• What is the Holocaust?
• Why should we learn about the Holocaust?

What is the purpose of a Hunger Cloth?

• What is a Hunger Cloth?
• How can we interpret the Haitian Hunger Cloth?
• What are the religious themes in the Hunger Cloth?
• How can we relate the themes in the Hunger Cloth to Britain and British values?

What do Sikhs believe?

• Who are the Sikhs?
• What is the meaning of the 5 Ks?
• Who are the Ten Gurus?
• Why are the Gurus important?
• What makes a gurdwara special?
• What difficulties might be faced by young Sikhs in British society?