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Science Y8

Science Y8

Fertile Questions

A meteor is about to hit the Earth – what can we do? Where can we go?

• Why do we need to explore other planets?
• What caused the dinosaurs to become extinct?
• How could we get to another planet?
• What things would we need to find out before we move to another planet?
• Where would we live and what would our home be like?
• How could we keep warm on another planet?

What does it mean to be healthy?

• What causes disease?
• How does your body protect itself?
• How can a doctor help protect you?
• Are all drugs bad?
• How do you know if you are fit?
• Does what you eat really matter?

How is there energy in your food?

• Where does energy enter the food chain and where does it go?
• Why does a polar bear not live in a forest?
• What happens to the number of rabbits if there are more foxes?

Why do you have brown eyes and I have blue?

• How are we all different?
• Who was Darwin?
• Why do giraffes have long necks?

Why does a bike rust and a bomb explode?

• What is a chemical reaction?
• How do I explain reactions using a formula?
• What happens to a substance when I heat it?
• Why are some reactions hot and some cold?
• How do I make a compound?
• What is a fuel?
• What happens when I burn a fuel?
• How are we changing our atmosphere?

Why does it feel hot above a fire?

What is heat energy?
Why does ice melt?
What is pressure?
How does heat energy move?
Why does my cup of tea get cold?