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Geography Y9

Geography Y9


Subject Board Qualification Link Split
Geography AQA GCSE AQA Specification A [9030] Human Geography: 37.5%
Physical Geography: 37.5%
Fieldwork Controlled Assessment: 25%

Fertile Questions

How have tectonic and climatic processes affected people and the planet?

• What are natural hazards?
• Where are earthquakes and volcanoes found?
• What happens at plate boundaries?
• What were the effects and responses of the eruption of …?
• What were the effects and responses of the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull?
• Why do people live in these hazardous areas?
• How can we monitor, protect and plan for tectonic hazards?
• Where do tropical storms occur?How do tropical storms form?
• What are the features of a tropical storm?
• How might climate change affect tropical storms?
• What were the effects of and responses to Typhoon Haiyan?

How does the UK’s relief cover a range of diverse landscapes? How has ice shaped the UK?

• What is the relief of the UK?
• Where are the UK’s major rivers?
• Where is all our ice?
• How do glaciers form?
• How can ice break rock?
• How do glaciers erode the landscape?
• How do glaciers move sediment?
• How do glaciers leave sediment?
• How do corries, aretes and pyramidal peaks form?
• How do glacial valleys form?
• How do erratics, drumlins and moraines form?
• How can we recognise glaciated features on a map?

How does the economy of X compare to the UK?

• What happens when we’re overcrowded?
• How do investment and aid work?
• How do freetrade, fairtrade and loans work?
• How can we manage the population?
• How is the UK economy changing?
• How is the UK economy changing?
• How has the UK developed its infrastructure?
• Why are there regional differences in the UK?