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Graphics Y9

Graphics Y9


Subject Board Qualification Link Split
Graphics AQA GCSE AQA Graphic Products [4550] Written Exam: 40%
Design & Making Practice: 60%

Fertile Questions

Why do children enjoy pop up books?

• Why are these products successful?
• How can you improve the accuracy of your manufacturing?
• What are the needs of your target market?
• Why has the designer chosen these materials?
• How could you plan the first stage of your project?
• How should the designers ensure that their designs are ergonomically correct for their target market?”

What is meant by ‘Good Design’?

• Who is Robert Sabuda?
• Which key factors should you include in your design specification?
• How do designers ensure that their products are aesthetically pleasing?
• What does GSM mean?
• Which board is the best choice?
• How could you use CAM in your project?
• Which is the best adhesive?
• Which commercial printing method would be used?

What is meant by ‘smart materials’?

• What is meant by:
– Thermochromic?
– PMC?
– Potatopak
– Cornstarch polymer?
– Paper foam?
– Polymorph?”

What is meant by ‘sustainability’?

• What is meant by:
– Recycle?
– Refuse?
– Re use?
– Rethink?
– Reduce?
– Repair?
– FSC?
• What are the functions of packaging?

Which laws protect designers?

• What is meant by:
– Copyright?
– Registered designs?
– Trademarks?
– Patents?
– CE mark?
– BSI?
– ISO?
– Sale of Goods Act?

Quality Control or Quality Assurance?

• What is meant by:
– Systems?
– Quality control?
– Quality Assurance?
– Standards?
– Specifications?
– Flow Chart?
– Tolerance?
– Feedback?