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History Y9

History Y9


Subject Board Qualification Link Split
History WJEC GCSE WJEC [4270] USA 1910-1929: 25%
Russia 1905-1926: 25%
Germany 1919-1991: 25%
Controlled Assessment: 25%

Fertile Questions

What were the main features of Germany’s political development since 1919?

• What was the Weimar republic?
• How was Germany affected by the treaty of Versailles?
• What were the early challenges facing the Weimar republic?
• What was Hyperinflation?
• Were the 1920s a ‘Golden age’?
• What was the Nazi party and what were their aims?
• What did Hitler learn from the Munich Putsch?
• Why did people vote for the Nazis?
• How did Hitler become Chancellor?
• How did Hitler consolidate his power over Germany?
• What was the Nazi police state?
• How did the Nazis use propaganda to maintain control?
• How did the Nazis solve Germany’s economic problems?
• What was the role of Women in Nazi Germany?
• How and why did the Nazis control the lives of children?
• How were Jews treated before 1939?
• What was the final solution?
• What was life like in Germany during WW2?
• Who opposed the Nazis?
• What condition was Germany in at the end of WW2?
• What happened to Germany after WW2?
• What was the cold war?
• What were the economic differences between East and West Germany?
• What was Adenauer’s economic miracle?
• What was it like to live in East and West Germany?
• How was Germany Reunified?

How was the USA a Nation of Contrasts?

• Why did people emigrate to the USA?
• Why was there opposition to immigration?
• Why was there a fear of political extremism?
• What does the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti tell us about attitudes towards immigrants?
• What does the ‘Monkey trial’ tell us about fundamentalism in the USA?
• What was the experience of Black Americans?
• What was the experience of Native Americans?
• Were the Jim Crow Laws the worst example of intolerance in the USA in the 1920s?
• What were the causes of the Prohibition law?
• What were the effects?
• What were Gangsters really like?
• Why was prohibition ended?
• How corrupt was government in the 1920s?