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The Portsmouth Academy Expands Pupil Places

The Portsmouth Academy is expanding our pupil places and we are offering 250 places for Year 7 students in 2020. Please read more about this on the Thinking Schools Academy Trust website.

Parent Governors
Uniform Expectations

Thank you to all students and parents for supporting The Portsmouth Academy’s uniform policy.  The Academy’s uniform policy extends beyond clothing.  Please take a moment  to remind yourself of the Academy’s policy on students’ appearance with…

Mr Hatherley Joins The Portsmouth Academy

Mr Hatherley has joined the The Portsmouth Academy as Vice Principal – Making Excellence a Habit.  Please read Mr Hatherley’s letter of introduction, which has been sent home with students, here.

International Women’s Day trip to Parliament

On Tuesday 5th of March, The Girls Network went on a trip to visit the Houses of Parliament to celebrate International Women’s Day. On the coach ride to London, we had a quiz on notable women…

Year 8 Options 2019

For full details of our year 8 options, please click here

Changes at The Portsmouth Academy

Please see the attached letter explaining changes for The Portsmouth Academy and our schools in Portsmouth.TPA Letter – Parents

Students at The Portsmouth Academy prepare to take to the seas

Students at The Portsmouth Academy are looking forward to taking to the seas, as the school announces an opportunity to set sail this September. The trip, which will take place with the involvement of the Cirdan…

Attendance at Portsmouth Schools

We would like to thank our parents for their continued support with ensuring high levels of attendance at our academy. Our school has the second best attendance in the city (after St Edmunds) and we are…

Top 3 school in Portsmouth for results – again

Great to see TPA ranked as second in the city for the 2018 exam results. And our Trust – the Thinking Schools Academy Trust- is again in the top ten Multi Academy Trusts across the country…