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Chartwells to eat well

We know that what your child eats has a direct impact on how well they engage in learning, which is why all of our TSAT schools work with Chartwells; the leading catering provider in the education sector.

Chartwells mission statement; If we can provide children with the food they want to eat, they will have full tummies, which will provide nourishment and mean their sugar levels remain stable. This in turn supports good mental health, leading to increased concentration and better results.

Chartwells purpose: Nourish every young mind and body with exceptional food and learning.


Secondary schools have a cafeteria-style service, usually before school for breakfast, at mid-morning break as well as lunchtime. The menus provide a wide and varied choice of foods to appeal to all tastes from traditional favorites to new street-food trends. We have meal deal options available at lunch to provide value for money choices.


All Chartwells staff are allergen trained and with the choice of food available will help students manage their own medical needs. Allergen reports are always available and teams on hand to support with queries about ingredients to allow pupils to make informed menu choices.


Medical diets are an extremely important part of the school catering provision. Chartwells have a dedicated Medical Diets Team who support all medical diet queries and requests whether it be alleviating parent concerns or creating bespoke menus for single or multiple allergens. The medical diets team are available all year round to support the catering teams and pupils to eat safely and enjoy a Chartwells school meal where possible. More information can be found on their site.