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Drama Team

Autumn Term

An introduction to Drama skills. In this unit pupils will take part in practical exercises which will enable them to rehearse and perform drama in groups. They will develop their imagination, creative ideas and performance confidence skills. They will be introduced to the key terms using a Spies and Secret Agents story. They will be assessed in two performances including a base line performance and an end of unit performance using the skills they have learnt.

Spring Term

Pupils will learn how to create a piece of devised drama from storytelling. They will break the story down into sections in rehearsal, look at the role of a narrator and will work in groups to tell / interpret story through Drama with characterisation using children’s fairy tales and nursery rhymes. This term will also introduce pupils to how to rehearse and perform a script including the use of stage instructions. Pupils will work in groups to rehearse and perform a specific script focusing on physical and vocal choices.


Spring Term

Pupils will explore how to rehearse and perform script looking at stage instructions, given circumstances, characterisation and creative choices. Pupils will research the period, location and characters from the musical Bugsy Malone by Alan Parker and will work in groups to rehearse and perform scenes from it focusing on physical choices, vocal choices and the playwright’s intention.