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Spanish Team

Autumn Term

At the end of the first half-term we will make sure that all the students are comfortable with the alphabet, numbers, calendar, birthday, greetings, nationalities (this will support links with the Geography curriculum where they will be looking at countries in the EU. This will introduce the first topic which is “About Me“. In Spanish classes, the students will start straightaway with the basic vocabulary mentioned above.

After half-term, we will continue with the same topic and we will encourage the students to use simple but complete sentences in order to talk about family, pets, physical description and personality. This topic is relevant as this is usually the first topic of conversation when children meet next friends (such as penpals).

Autumn Term

The main theme introduced in Year 8 is about where they live, which we believe is the next topic of conversation children have with new friends. We have organised this term into topics. The first topic is about their home, which will be covered in the first half-term. We will help the students to talk about different types of accommodation, description of their house, their daily routine what they usually do and/or intend to do at home. This topic will also help the students to revise and consolidate their knowledge about opinion phrases, the present tense and the future tense and other basic grammatical features.


Subject Board Qualification Link Split
French EDEXCEL GCSE Edexcel [2FR01] Listening: 20%
Speaking: 30%
Reading: 20%
Writing: 30%