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Year 7 PSHE

Head of Year


Autumn Term

Students are introduced to the concept of joining secondary school, and how this is completely different to what they know in primary. Students will explore the different subjects on offer to them at The Portsmouth Academy, what they will study and when, and where they can go for support. Students are also introduced to their tutors, informed of their expectations and begin to build a positive and meaningful relationship with them. Pupils will begin to discover what PSHE is, and why is it is a vital part of their growth and development whilst at secondary school. Students will also form social skills based on topics such as creating and maintaining positive friendships, who they are as a person and being able to work as part of a team. We will come together as a year group to celebrate the differences of others with a morning away from the scheduled school curriculum to on the theme of ‘Wonder’. This will enable students to develop and strengthen their inclusivity skills, and to discuss a wide range of topics ranging from religion to disability. Students will continue to shape their social abilities by understanding when to use manners, and discovering how to behave in a wide range of social situations. Students will learn what bullying is, and how to stop it. They will be shown how to report it, and where to go for support if it is required.

Spring Term

Students will be introduced to the topic of safety, and how they can extend their knowledge to the changing world around them. From safety in the home, to being streetwise, students will be able to use their knowledge to make informed decisions during their everyday lives. Being safe online will also make an appearance in this topic, showing students how to navigate the World Wide Web securely.

After Easter, students will be delving into British Values, and Democracy in the United Kingdom. Students will be discovering about Human Rights, and how these impact upon their own lives. Pupils will also look into how laws are made, and why the voting system is so important.