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Year 7 English

Autumn Term

Year 7 will spend the first term learning about Gothic horror. Gothic horror is an important genre to study – there is vast exploration of the human condition which allows for rich characterisation. It will encourage pupils to look inwardly, reflect and consider morality, empathy and compassion. Gothic horror also provides opportunities for language analysis for all ability ranges because of the emphasis it places on setting and world-building. Because of this. Dracula has been chosen as a core text for year 7, however there is a tremendous range of texts that can be deconstructed which will facilitate the process of reconstruction in the form of the creative writing. Historically, pupils have left year 6 as enthusiastic creative writers – something that will continue to be developed in their first term at TPA. Finally, our pupils have always shown a certain fascination for horror stories, the supernatural and Halloween – another reason why Gothic is a good entry point for them.The substantive knowledge that pupils acquire at KS2 will evolve into disciplinary knowledge throughout this term as they learn there is more to words and language than simply what they are or what they mean. Instead, they are influenced by context and intent and this is something year 7 pupils will begin to consider when analysing and crafting.