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Year 7 PE

Autumn Term

Upon joining TPA pupils will complete 4 modules in their first term. In their Fitness module pupils will understand how their bodies work in a practical setting. They will be introduced to several components of fitness and tested on their current performance levels. Pupils will understand how each component of fitness can relate specifically to different sports as well as the positive impact fitness has on both short and long term physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Running alongside this will be the Football / Netball module. Pupils will initially explore isolated skills necessary for all positions. Throughout the module pupils will be expected to implement these substantive skills into increasingly more challenging game scenarios to build their disciplinary knowledge into a full game situation.

Finally, they will study Badminton. In Badminton pupils will understand court dimensions, grip, overhead shots as well as the more advanced skills such as shot selection and both attacking and defensive strategy. These 3 areas will give pupils as much variety as possible in one term. Through the teaching of invasion games, net/wall games and performing at maximum levels pupils will be exposed to several competitive opportunities such as inter house and inter school fixtures to develop both resilience and the necessary etiquette in victory and defeat to become the best versions of themselves.