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Year 7 Religious Education (RE)

Autumn Term

Students are encouraged to express who they are and be proud of it. We start with our baseline test to understand the students prior experiences and knowledge of Religious Education. Students are able to show their skills of enquiry and research about a religion that is not their own and compose a letter to their teacher about their findings. Students will discuss what makes someone a ‘hero’ before going on to find out about a number of inspirational people from different faiths. Students learn about inspirational figures such as Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, Mahatma Gandhi modelling inspirational behaviour to show how they positively contributed to society despite the immense barriers that were put in their way.

We address misconceptions whilst developing a secure culture of mutual respect and empathy. We want the students to know that there is life beyond Portsmouth and it is something they can aspire to. We also want the students to have pride in their own faiths and cultures and feel that they can express themselves in a safe environment. We draw on personal experiences to show that what they ‘might hear or see’ at home or in the media is far beyond what a multicultural society is all about. We instil in our pupils the British values which are in line with our school values of aspire and respect.

Spring Term

Pupils continue their work on Inspirational figures by looking in depth into the life of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement and analyse the impact of his faith on the work that he did. Pupils put all their substantive knowledge together to produce a newspaper report showing disciplinary knowledge by using skills of enquiry, evidence, cause and consequence.

Pupils move on to study a major world religion- Buddhism. Pupils have an opportunity to find out basic beliefs and teachings of the religion as well as having a taster of what life is like for a Buddhist monk. Pupils also take part in some experiential learning when they have a lesson on meditation.