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Year 8 PE

Autumn Term

In Year 8 pupils will recap and progress the 3 areas they studied at the beginning of year 7. During Fitness pupils will re-test and compare their test results from year 7. Pupils will critically evaluate their scores and provided reasoning for their improved performances. This may include natural physical maturation, better understanding of diet and improved exercise habits.

In Football / Netball pupils will be expected to perform skills in ever increasingly pressurised situations. Skills will be expected to become autonomous with schemas being developed to apply to different situations in competitive games. Pupils will be expected to critically analysis their own and others performances.

In Badminton pupils will continue to work through the same serving and overhead shots as in year 7 but will be introduced to the more advanced net shots. There will be a great focus on competition and much of the learning will take place through modified / conditioned games.

These 3 areas will give pupils as much variety as possible in one term. Through the teaching of invasion games, net/wall games and performing at maximum levels pupils will be exposed to several competitive opportunities such as inter house and inter school fixtures to develop both resilience and the necessary etiquette in victory and defeat to become the best versions of themselves.