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Year 8 Religious Education (RE)

Autumn Term

Students learn about ultimate questions and how these link with myths that they may have heard of leading onto the idea of religious beliefs which try to answer some ultimate questions, such as ’ how was the world created?’ this allows pupils to engage in meaningful and respectful dialogue. Students are introduced to the idea of using stories to help provide education and moral messages leading them to understand about parables. and the work of Jesus.

We get students to explore their own beliefs about God and try to verbalise how/why they may have these views which follows onto developing a deeper understanding of suffering and its cause as well as why suffering makes it hard to believe in God. We address misconceptions whilst developing a secure culture of mutual respect and empathy throughout all our lessons.

Spring Term

Pupils are introduced to a major world religion- Judaism. Pupils have an opportunity to find out basic beliefs and teachings of the religion as well as having a taster of what life is like for a Jew. Pupils get a taster of what a Shabbat meal is as part of an experiential learning element.

We move on to look at the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust, pupils develop their skills of metacognition, empathy and understanding of the injustices faced by ordinary Jews due to extreme racism. Pupils have an opportunity to empathise with someone their age when we look into the story of Anne Frank and imagine how they may have coped in such horrific circumstances.