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History Y7

History Y7

The History department at The Portsmouth Academy aspires to encourage a passion for the past amongst our students using dynamic and inspirational teaching, underpinned by the Thinking Schools philosophy. Our aim is to develop independent learners with enquiring minds, capable of analysing and evaluating evidence to form reasoned interpretations of historical events. Ultimately, students will achieve a greater understanding of the world in which we live and their place within it.

Fertile Questions

What was life like in Medieval England?

• What was the Feudal System?
• How did Castles change?
• What was the difference between villages and Towns?
• What was life like for Women in the middle ages?
• How did people in the Middle ages stay healthy?
• How was crime dealt with in the Middle ages?
• How did you get to ‘heaven’ in the Middle Ages?
• What was the role of the parish priest?

What was the Elizabethan Age?

• What was the Reformation?
• What was the impact of the reformation?
• What were Queen Elizabeths early problems?
• What were the key events in the Elizabethan period?
• What can we learn fro Elizabeth’s portraits?
• Why did E lizabeth never marry?
• How did Elizabethans deal with poverty?
• How did Elizabethan s handle crime and punishment?
• How did people stay healthy in the Elizabethan age?
• What was life like for Women?
• Was the Elizabethan period a ‘Golden age’?

How was the UK made?

• Was Guy Fawkes really responsible for the Gunpowder plot?
• Why do Americans speak English?
• Who was King Charles the 1st?
• Why was there a Civil War in England?
• Who was ‘The man who banned Xmas’?
• Why was Charles II known as the ‘Merry Monarch’
• Why did the Plague return?
• What was the ‘Glorious Revolution’?

Expansion, Trade and Industry. How was Britain shaped?

• What was the Industrial Revolution?
• Why was there a population boom in Britain?
• How did transport change in Britain after 1750?
• What was factory life like?
• How did life change for women?
• How did Health care and medicine develop in the industrial revolution?
• Why did Britain want an Empire?
• What impact did Britain have on India?
• How did the British colonise Australia?
• What was the ‘Scramble for Africa’?
• Was the British Empire a good or a bad thing?
• How did Ghandi help win independence for India?
• How did the Empire come to an end?