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Religious Education Y7

Religious Education Y7

Religious Education focuses on human behavior and human experiences. In Year 7, students explore their own sense of identity and belonging and their own beliefs and values. They will study a number of inspirational figures and focus on their own personal heroes. Students focus on the idea of challenging injustice in the world and the significance of the work of Martin Luther King. There is an in depth study of both Christianity and Buddhism during the year and the concepts of pilgrimage and symbolism.

Students are encouraged to develop habits of empathy and understanding, and are encouraged to become individuals who ask questions and who have inquiring minds.

Fertile Questions

What does a study of religion involve?

  • What are facts, opinions and beliefs?
  • What does a study of RE involve?
  • What do I know about major world religions?
  • What can I find out about major world religions?
  • What are the beliefs and teachings of one major world religion?
  • What are my personal perspectives on religious beliefs such as belief in God?
  • What gives me a sense of identity?
  • Who are my heroes?

What makes someone inspirational?

  • Why is Maria Gomez inspirational?
  • What connects Maria Gomez and Oscar Romero?
  • Who is Desmond Tutu?
  • What did he do to make a difference?
  • What happened to Malala Yousafzai?
  • Who is Steve Chalke & why is he important?
  • How can we compare two inspirational people?

Why is Martin Luther King important?

  • Who is Martin Luther King?
  • What were his beliefs?
  • What injustices was he fighting?
  • How racist was American society?
  • How & why did he use non-violent protest?
  • What impact did he have?

What do Buddhists believe?

  • Why was Siddattha Gotama so special?
  • What happened to change his life?
  • What are the Buddha’s main teachings?
  • What is the Eightfold Path?
  • Why is meditation important?
  • What is it like to be a Buddhist Monk?

What is the significance of pilgrimage?

  • What do we mean by a journey through life?
  • What do we need for our journey through life?
  • What is a pilgrimage?
  • Why is a pilgrimage important to believers?
  • Where & why do believers go on a pilgrimage?
  • What is Hajj?

Why might places of worship be important?

  • What is symbolism?
  • What are the main features of a church?
  • What are the features of a mosque?
  • What is similar & different about these places of worship?
  • Why are religious symbols important?
  • How might different faiths worship together?
  • How can we create a place of worship in the classroom?