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Science – Triple Y10

Science – Triple Y10


Subject Board Qualification Link Split
Biology OCR GCSE OCR Gateway Biology B [J263] Paper 1: 35%Paper 2: 40%

Assessment: 25%

Chemistry OCR GCSE OCR Gateway Chemistry B [J264]
Physics OCR GCSE OCR Gateway Physics B [J265]

Fertile Questions

What are all living things made up from?

• What is the difference between animal and plant cells?
• What is cell specialisation and differentiation?
• How do things move in and out of cells?
• Can you explain the human organs and organ systems?
• Can you explain plant organs and organ systems?
• What is photosynthesis?
• Can you describe respiration?
• What is cell division?
• What is genetic variation?
• Can you describe speciation?
• Can you describe the movement of molecules in and out of a cell?
• Can you explain transport systems in plants and animals?
• What is homeostasis?
• What effect do humans have on their environment?

What is bonding and what does it tell us about the compounds we use?

• Can you describe the three types of chemical bonds?
• How does bonding relate to the properties of a substance?
• Can you describe the structure and bonding of carbon?
• What is a polymer?
• Can you explain nanoparticles?
• How can you analyse a substance?”

What is the periodic table?

• Can you calculate the mass of a compound?
• Can you work out the empirical formulae?
• Can you describe rates of reaction?
• What are endothermic and exothermic reactions?
• Can you describe how you make a salt?
• Can you describe electrolysis?
• Can you describe the periodic table?
• Can you calculate the energy change in a reaction?
• Can you describe flame tests and what they are for?
• How do we produce ammonia and other useful chemicals?”

What are forces and how can they affect motion?

• Can you describe force?
• What happens when you put a mass on a spring?
• Can you describe motion in a straight line? Including calculating speed and acceleration?
• How do forces affect a car when braking?
• Can you describe terminal velocity?
• Can you describe, recall and apply the formulae for Kinetic energy and potential energy.
• Can you describe elastic energy and use the formula when given?
• How do you know how much work has been done?
• Can you explain and calculate momentum?

Can you describe electricity and radiation?

• What is static electricity?
• Can you build and describe different electrical circuits?
• How do you use electricity safely?
• What is current, charge and power?
• What is radiation?
• What are the three types of radiation?
• Describe nuclear fission and fusion.
• Can you explain the medical applications of physics?
• How do we use physics to make things work?
• How do we make movement using magnets? the motor effect.