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History Y8

History Y8


The History department at The Portsmouth Academy aspires to encourage a passion for the past amongst our pupils using dynamic and inspirational teaching, underpinned by the Thinking Schools philosophy. Our aim is to develop independent learners with enquiring minds, capable of analysing and evaluating evidence to form reasoned interpretations of historical events. Ultimately, pupils will achieve a greater understanding of the world in which we live and their place within it.

Fertile Questions

Expansion, Trade and Industry – How was Britain shaped?

• How was Britain involved in the slave trade?
• How were slaves captured and transported?
• How did it feel to be auctioned as a slave?
• What was it like to work on a plantation?
• How was slavery abolished?

How did health and medicine develop over time?

• Pre-history healthcare
• Greek medicine
• Roman medicine
• Medieval medicine
• Renaissance developments
• Changes during the industrial revolution.
• Public health over time.

What was the impact of WW1 on Britain and the wider world?

• Why did the war break out?
• What was life like in the trenches?
• What did the war look like in other theatres?
• How did WW1 affect health and medicine?
• What was life like on the home front?
• Home front: Women
• How did the war end?
• Treaty of Versailles

How did life change during the Inter-War years?

• Were the 1920s really ‘Roaring’ in the USA?
• How did the General strike affect life in Britain?
• How did hyperinflation affect life in Germany?
• How did the great depression affect the world?
• Rise of the dictators.
• The road to WW2

What was the impact of WW2 on Britain and the wider world?

• Dunkirk
• Battle of Britain
• The Blitz
• Evacuation
• USA/Pearl Harbour
• Role of Empire
• Turning points in WW2
• How did the war end?

What was the impact of WW2 on Britain and the wider world?

• Who was involved in the Holocaust?
• How did the Nazis increase persecution of the Jews?
• What was life in a Ghetto like?
• What was the final solution?
• Who killed Abraham Bauman?
• How did Jews resist?