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Maths Y8

Maths Y8


In Mathematics we aim to provide pupils with the skills and opportunities which will equip them to meet the challenges of the modern world. Mathematics is widely acknowledged to be an essential building block for the 21st Century and we rightly expect that all of our pupils will become masters of this crucial discipline.

The Mathematics department is a modern and well equipped facility. As a Mathematics Mastery partner school, we deliver an aspirational and interactive curriculum that gives all pupils the opportunity to achieve their potential through depth of understanding rather than breadth of topics. This is delivered through a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, and pupils are encouraged to use ‘manipulatives’ or visual representations to reinforce their understanding.

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Curriculum Overview


Support Content / Skills
• Factors, multiples and primes
• Multiplication and division
• Fraction equivalence and calculations
Core Content / Skills
• Primes and indices
• Prime factorisation to find LCM, HCF, squares, cubes
• Venn diagrams
• Enumerating sets
• Add and subtract fractions
Extension Content/Skills
• Egyptian fractions
• Continued fractions
• HCF and LCM generalisation

Algebraic Expressions

Support Contents/Skills
• Problem solving with fractions
• Order of operations
• Form algebraic expressions
• Substitution
Core Content/Skills
• Negative numbers and inequality statements
• Formulate and evaluate expressions
• Linear equations
• Expresssions and equations from real world situations
• Linear sequences: nth term
Extension Content/Skills
• Explore non-linear sequences
• T-totals

2D Geometry

Support Contents/Skills
• Angle types
• Angle facts
• Rectangle and triangle areas
• x / ÷ by powers of 10
• Problem solving with negative numbers
Core Content/Skills
• Draw accurate triangles and quadrilaterals (ruler, protractor, compasses)
• Find unknown angles (including parallel lines)
• Conversion between length units and between area units
• Areas and perimeters of composite figures
• Areas of parallelograms and trapeziums
Extension Content/Skills
• Similarity and ratio
• Complex constructions
• Simple angle proofs

Proportional Reasoning

Support Contents/Skills
• Rounding
• Bar modelling with factions
• Fraction x / ÷
• Bar modelling with equations
• FDP equivalence
Core Content/Skills
• Convert between percentages, vulgar fractions and decimals
• Percentage increase and decrease, finding the whole given the part and the percentage
• Ratio (equivalent, of a quantity)
• Speed, distance, time
Extension Content/Skills
• Density
• Area scale factors
• Loan Repayment

3D Geometry

Support Contents/Skills
• Rectilinear areas
• Fraction x / ÷
• Problem solving with fractions
• Percentage increase and decrease
• Substition with negatives
Core Content/Skills
• Rounding, significant figures and estimation
• Circumference and area of a circle
• Visualise and identify 3_D shapes and their nets
• Volume of a cuboid, prism, cylinder, composite solids
Extension Content/Skills
• Platonic solids
• Percentage errors
• Plans and elevations


Support Contents/Skills
• Statistical diagrams
• Ratio and rate
• The mean
• Calculator skills and rounding
Core Content/Skills
• Collect and organise data
• Interpret and compare statistical representations
• Mean, median and mode averages
• The range and outliers
Extension Content/Skills
• Misleading graphs
• Equal width histograms
• Sampling methods