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History Y9

History Y9


The History department at The Portsmouth Academy aspires to encourage a passion for the past amongst our pupils using dynamic and inspirational teaching, underpinned by the Thinking Schools philosophy. Our aim is to develop independent learners with enquiring minds, capable of analysing and evaluating evidence to form reasoned interpretations of historical events. Ultimately, pupils will achieve a greater understanding of the world in which we live and their place within it.


Subject Board Qualification Link Split
History WJEC GCSE WJEC [4270] USA 1910-1929: 25%
Russia 1905-1926: 25%
Germany 1919-1991: 25%
Controlled Assessment: 25%

Fertile Questions

What were the main features of Germany’s political development since 1919?

• What was the Weimar republic?
• How was Germany affected by the treaty of Versailles?
• What were the early challenges facing the Weimar republic?
• What was Hyperinflation?
• Were the 1920s a ‘Golden age’?
• What was the Nazi party and what were their aims?
• What did Hitler learn from the Munich Putsch?
• Why did people vote for the Nazis?
• How did Hitler become Chancellor?
• How did Hitler consolidate his power over Germany?
• What was the Nazi police state?
• How did the Nazis use propaganda to maintain control?
• How did the Nazis solve Germany’s economic problems?
• What was the role of Women in Nazi Germany?
• How and why did the Nazis control the lives of children?
• How were Jews treated before 1939?
• What was the final solution?
• What was life like in Germany during WW2?
• Who opposed the Nazis?
• What condition was Germany in at the end of WW2?
• What happened to Germany after WW2?
• What was the cold war?
• What were the economic differences between East and West Germany?
• What was Adenauer’s economic miracle?
• What was it like to live in East and West Germany?
• How was Germany Reunified?

How was the USA a Nation of Contrasts?

• Why did people emigrate to the USA?
• Why was there opposition to immigration?
• Why was there a fear of political extremism?
• What does the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti tell us about attitudes towards immigrants?
• What does the ‘Monkey trial’ tell us about fundamentalism in the USA?
• What was the experience of Black Americans?
• What was the experience of Native Americans?
• Were the Jim Crow Laws the worst example of intolerance in the USA in the 1920s?
• What were the causes of the Prohibition law?
• What were the effects?
• What were Gangsters really like?
• Why was prohibition ended?
• How corrupt was government in the 1920s?