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Maths Y9

Maths Y9


In Mathematics we aim to provide pupils with the skills and opportunities which will equip them to meet the challenges of the modern world. Mathematics is widely acknowledged to be an essential building block for the 21st Century and we rightly expect that all of our pupils will become masters of this crucial discipline.

The Mathematics department is a modern and well equipped facility. Due to national changes by the government, the current Year 10 will be the first year group to leave with a numerical grade from 9 (highest) to 1 (lowest).

Curriculum overviews will be updated in due course.


Subject Board Qualification Link Split
Maths EDEXCEL GCSE Edexcel [1MA1]
Paper 1: 1 hr 30 mins, non-calculator, 80 marks
Paper 2: 1 hr 30 mins, calculator, 80 marks
Paper 3: 1 hr 30 mins, calculator, 80 marks