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According to The Education Endowment Foundation, evidence shows that the impact of homework, on average, is five months’ additional progress.  Therefore, it is the Academy’s aim to provide effective homework and to develop the habit of regular completion of homework in our students.

Students will receive praise and rewards for completing homework. If homework is not completed students will receive a negative habit point. On the second instance of non-completion, the teacher will contact home and on the third instance a detention will be set.

Homework for each year group is set according to a timetable each week by teachers.  In KS3, homework is set for up to half an hour and for up to an hour in KS4. All homework is set on Microsoft Teams.

Week A:
Monday English
Tuesday History
Wednesday Maths
Thursday Science
Friday Computing
Week B:
Monday R.E.
Tuesday Maths
Wednesday English
Thursday MFL
Friday Geography
Week A:
Tuesday English
Wednesday Science
Thursday R.E.
Friday Maths
Week B:
Monday MFL
Tuesday English
Wednesday History
Thursday Geography
Friday Maths
Week A:
Monday Science
Tuesday History
Wednesday English
Thursday —-
Friday Maths
Week B:
Monday Geography
Tuesday R.E.
Wednesday MFL
Thursday English
Friday Maths
Week A:
Monday D&T MFL History
Tuesday English Music
Wednesday Art Geography Drama/Dance
Thursday Science Maths
Friday R.E. F&N P.E.
Week B:
Monday Music Art Science
Tuesday MFL Geography Drama/Dance
Wednesday History D&T F&N
Thursday English Maths
Friday R.E. Science P.E.
Week A:
Monday R.E F&N Music
Tuesday English D&T Dance/P.E.
Wednesday Maths Science
Thursday History Art
Friday MFL Geography
Week B:
Monday Dance/P.E. F&N Science
Tuesday Music R.E.
Wednesday D&T History Maths
Thursday Art MFL Geography
Friday Science English