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Iris PlusPay

Iris PlusPay

Over Christmas The Portsmouth Academy is swapping to a new payment system Iris Plus Pay, so that all schools in the Thinking Schools Academy Trust will use the same system.  This will make life easier for parents with pupils at more than one TSAT school in Portsmouth.  This will be used for all future payments (e.g. dinner money, trips, ingredients, revision guides, etc).

Access to IrisPlusPay will be via the MyEd app which many of you already have and use.

Please note the dates below.  We need to do the swap during holidays, so you will not be able to put money on the new system until the date below.  Any funds already on ParentPay, or loaded on before the end of term, will be automatically transferred across to the new system.  ParentPay will not work for TPA parents after the end of term.

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Date Action Instructions
Fri 4 Dec Please download MyEd app if you do not already have it Download and Setup the MyEd App (pages 1-3)
Thu 10 Dec Check for new PlusPay button in MyEd. Register with +Pay (pages 4-5)
Tue 22 Dec You can start to put money onto children’s account using Iris PlusPay Top up Your Child’s Dinner Money Balance (pages 5-8)

If you have any issues with setting up Iris PlusPay please contact