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Myriad Project

Myriad Project

We are delighted to have been chosen to be part of the Myriad (MY Resistance In ADolescence) Project, run in conjunction with Oxford University.  For more info please see


What is MYRIAD?

MYRIAD is a research project. We are interested in how schools promote young people’s well-being and resilience (the ability to adapt in the face of difficulties) throughout adolescence.

Many secondary schools teach emotional health and well-being believing that it can affect the way children learn, behave and develop into adulthood. In this project, we will compare different types of emotional health and well-being lessons taught in schools.


Do they have to take part?

Your child does not have to take part in this project. Your child can choose whether he/she wants to take part and can also withdraw at any point without giving a reason and without penalty.


Will taking part affect my child’s education?

No, your child’s teacher will teach the same lessons whether or not your child decides to take part in the project. This will not affect your child’s education in any way.


What will they be asked to do?

Your child will be given a pupil information sheet and will be asked to consider taking part.

As part of this project, we will ask your child to answer some questions at five different times. We will visit once this year. Some classes will have additional visits, including twice in the next year, once in the following school year and once in the school year after that. These classes will be selected randomly and will not be affected by how pupils answer the questionnaires. We will let you know in about one year’s time whether your child will be involved in these further measures.

Researchers will visit your child at school and help your child answer these questions either online or on paper. The first research visit will last around 40 minutes, and each visit after  will be done as a whole class and will take around 45 minutes. Each pupil will complete their own questionnaire. These questions will include questions about well-being, mental health, behaviour and other areas. Teachers will also complete questionnaires about how pupils generally get on in school, and we will be gathering information from the National Pupil Database. This information will remain confidential.


Data Privacy

Please see this letter explaining the Data Privacy and GDPR impacts of Myriad.