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Parents Evenings

Parents Evenings

This year’s Parents Evenings:

Y7 Meet the tutors evening Wed 16th October   Main Hall 4:30-6:30
Y7 Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th April 2019 [Tutors] 3:45-6:45
Y8 Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th March 2020 [Tutors] 4:00-6:00
Y9 Wednesday 22nd January 2020 [Teachers] 3:45-6:45
Y10 Wednesday 5th February 2020 [Teachers] 3:45-6:45
Y11 (1) Wednesday 20th November 2019 [Teachers] 3:45-6:45
Y11 (2) Wednesday 11th March 2020 [Teachers] 3:45-6:45

We use an online booking system called PEBS to book slots for each evening.  The slots are available to book from 10 days beforehand.  You will get a letter regarding this.

If you need the support of an interpreter or signer in order to attend the consultation evening and meet the teachers, please contact the school and speak to Lucy Burton to arrange this.

By attending parents’ evenings you are making a real difference to your child’s progress. The school values your views and you can pick up practical suggestions about how you can help at home too.

If you cannot make this evening please contact the Student Services Manager, Claire Rhodes so we can make alternative arrangements to discuss your child’s achievement.


Year 11 Parents Evening is now open for booking. Year 8 booking closes at 9:00am on 5th March.

Login to Parents’ Evening Booking System

If you have an issue logging in – please try using other titles e.g. “Ms”, “Miss”, “Mrs”, as we may have a different one on our system.  This may be the case with your child’s name if hyphenated, or try using your child’s formal name we would have on record.

If your child has 2 subjects with a teacher, both will be covered in the same appointment.

PEBS Instructions (and videos)

To register you will require:

  • Enter your title (e.g. Miss, Ms, Mrs, Mr)
  • Your Surname
  • Your child’s First Name & Surname (as recorded on the school’s official system)
  • Your child’s date of birth

Also, if you wish to get booking confirmations, please enter an email address. This will give you a screen with a parents’ evening to choose.  Usually there will only be your one showing.

NEW 2015: A new ‘Automated Booking’ wizard has been added to the software. This is a new way of booking and will allow you to enter your availability and choose which teachers you want to see before returning with the most efficient way to see all these teachers. You can use the tabs at the top of the page to book for all your children at once too. This will make the booking process even quicker for parents with multiple children, lots of teachers to book or those who are late to book.

A new screen will open giving you a list of your child’s teachers & subjects.  Wait a couple of seconds for these to fully appear.To book a slot select a teacher (their name should change to blue).  You will then see the available slots for you to meet with that teacher.  Slots that you already have booked will show in yellow.  Slots that the teacher is unavailable will show in pink.  Click on a time slot to book it.

When you book a teacher, a pop-up box will pop-up box will appear, allowing you to raise any issues beforehand, to allow teachers to have the current information at hand on the evening.

Enter any details, or leave blank, and select Make Booking.  The time slot will turn green and show your child’s details.  Simply select the next of your child’s teachers and repeat until completed.

When you have finished, if you scroll back up the screen, you can either email the list to yourself, or print the list.