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The Portsmouth Academy supports local NHS with supplies of PPE

The Portsmouth Academy supports local NHS with supplies of PPE

Staff at The Portsmouth Academy have been working hard to provide local NHS teams with personal protective equipment (PPE) to help frontline staff in the fight against COVID-19.

Schools, businesses and individuals across the country have been working enthusiastically to come up with methods to support the NHS in all manner of different ways. The Portsmouth Academy has found its own way to offer such support, with the Science Department providing much-needed PPE equipment for the local St Mary’s Treatment Centre.

Elsewhere, the Design and Technology Department has been working alongside the Art Department to make visors in the Academy’s workshop. To date, they have delivered over 1000 visors to the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth and local care homes, with the team at the Academy continuing to produce them and hoping to provide many more.

The Portsmouth Academy is part of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, a family of 17 high-performing schools with hubs in Medway, Portsmouth and Kent, which remains open to students of key workers and vulnerable children during this difficult time.

Rachel Grey, Principal at The Portsmouth Academy, said:

“We are all extremely proud of the hard work being done by those at The Portsmouth Academy to support the NHS during this difficult time. In the battle against this dreadful virus it is crucial that our health care workers feel safe and protected as they help save lives. By working together and supporting one another through this crisis, we can be assured that better days are around the corner.”

Mark Friend, Governance and Quality Lead at Urgent Treatment Centres for Care UK, said:

“I can’t thank the Academy and the Principal enough, no words can express our gratitude for the supply of PPE that the Academy has donated. This has helped greatly to ensure that our team here is protected and able to practice safely when dealing with patients.”