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Values and Ethos

We are very proud of our school, which offers a wonderful education; full of opportunities for young people to ‘Aspire and Achieve.’

We are unique in Portsmouth at specialising in teaching ‘thinking tools’, which help our students to develop their full potential. There are 10,0000 thinking schools worldwide who share a common aim; that both students and staff will think reflectively, critically and creatively in order to create an outstanding educational experience for every child. See for more information on thinking schools worldwide.

Our experience, and national and international research, tells us that young people in thinking schools:

• Achieve a higher self-esteem and greater confidence
• Feel more positive and learn well together as a community
• Maintain their motivation and curiosity to learn
• Improve their academic performance
• Become independent learners who can ‘think for themselves’ and cope with an increasingly complex world

Ofsted have also reported on the links between being an outstanding school and a thinking school which you can read about here.

We all feel happiest when we are surrounded by people who believe in us and encourage us to pursue our goals. In our school, we value the relationships between staff and students which enable every child to ‘Aspire and Achieve’, and so experience the joy that comes with personal success.