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Year 8 Dance

Autumn Term

Students will be continuing their understanding of choreography at KS3 through the unit ‘Urban Dance’. They will be recalling basic actions with the support of dynamics to help enhance phrases and motifs that are learnt. Students will continue to work in varying group sizes and understand the importance of performing with feedback. They will be assessed at the end of the unit to see what skills they have learnt throughout the term.

Spring Term

This term students will be developing their dance skills within the unit of ‘Computer Games’. They will recap the skills learnt last term with developing their understanding of dance through the use of actions and space. They will be looking at how to use space effectively through a variety of computer game style lessons. At the end of the unit they will be assessed on their group choreography and understanding of the skills they learnt.

Summer Term

Students will pull all their dance skills together within the unit ‘Stimulus’. They will be learning how to choreograph a dance with a variety of different stimulus including pictures, chairs and through the use of chance. They will be looking at relationships in more depth and exploring different ways to develop their understanding on how to use this skill. They will work in groups to rehearse and perform to each other. At the end of the unit they will be assessed on their final group choreography and their understanding of what skills they have learnt this term.